• I'm an engineer in Industrial Engineering & Management. But when I left INPG in 1998 software engineering was very popular (thanks to the famous 2KY bug). I found a internship in a french start-up at Nice. The customers were industrial companies and the fields of application were productivity, quality and maintenance. I've found very interesting to work for a software company, while creating tools for industrial engineering and management.
  • I had to do my national service and I found an opportunity to do it by working for Vinci at Athens metro project (french 'coopération'). I actually kept working for this company as an expatriate after the completion of my national service. I stayed two years in Athens, the job was very interesting. But the software company in which I've done my internship in called me back to work in Nice ; at that time a company from Singapore had just bought the start-up and they are looking for people to developp the business. The fields of application were still productivity, quality and maintenance ; business expectations were high.
  • This project was quite the career I want but the development of the activity in France suffers from the lack of dynamism in investment in this sector, which penalizes even more a new player. The efforts of R & D and marketing were deployed to Singapore through a singaporian company for a verticalization of the software in the field of electronics manufacturing. My expatriation to Singapore desired by management was abandonned after extensive negotiations failed.

  • I began a project with NQI (Network Quality Intelligence), another start-up company in Sophia Antipolis, in the context of defining and coordinating the development of a prototype software in the field of Global Traceability for companies in the agro-food industry. Developed in cooperation with a Polish company this project has been granted a the Eureka-label in 2004.
  • For almost seven years in NQI I participate actively in the continued increase in turnover, development of product portfolio and sales (2008 +80%, 2009 +10%, 2010 +25%).
  • Which one will be next...
  • Personal

  • I have a marvellous wife and two extrodinary boys (which is good enough for the moment). I would like to work in a foreign country. I think it's very interesting for my family and my career too. I'd like to go to Canada, South America or Asia .